Delta Airlines Flight Attendant- 65 Interview Questions for Delta Job

Delta Airlines Flight Attendant is one of the highest paying jobs in the Airline industry. So there is a lot of competition to acquire a job in this reputed airlines. But how to clear the interview?

Clearing the flight attendant interview is a tedious task for most of the people. So here I listed complete Delta Airlines flight attendant interview Questions. You can expect questions from this list and nothing will come from outside of this post.

To become a flight attendant, first of all, you have to know the qualifications and the desired requirements.

Here is the article about how to become a flight attendant at Delta Airlines?

Go through these questions and crack the interview.

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Questions related to Flight Attendant Job

The majority of the American Airlines flight attendant interview questions are based on customer relationship, co- workers management and your situation reaction.

The basic knowledge about your job is also essential. Also the airline HRs eager to know that how much knowledge you have about their airlines.

  1. Why would you like to become a Flight Attendant?
  2. Why do you feel your experience is one that qualifies for this job?
  3. Do you have any visible tattoos
  4. What makes you different from other Candidates?

Questions related to Company

  1. Why Delta?
  2. What do you know about the company?
  3. How would you represent and or present our company?

Questions related to your Reaction

  1. A time when you persuaded others to do something new?
  2. Describe to me a time you overcame a problem at work? How did you handle it? And what was the outcome?
  3. What are some of your strengths? And worst faults?
    Describe a time you had to adapt to new information in a situation. What was the situation? What was the outcome?
  4. You notice you are missing items you need for your in-flight service. Requesting these items will delay the flight. What do you do?
    How do you respond to new information at work?
  5. A time where you demonstrated effort and commitment at work
  6. Describe a time you had to adapt to a new experience in the workplace.
  7. Tell me about a time you had to take control
  8. Describe a time when you had to work a part of a team to accomplish a task or goal…
  9. Give an example of a time when you were in a high-stress situation…
  10. Describe a time when someone asked you to do something unethical…
  11. Describe a time you had to switch priorities…
  12. Describe a time when you had to lead a team…
  13. Imagine you are a flight attendant in training on an aircraft and a fellow FA tells you to do something different that what you had originally learned in training. How do you react?
  14. Talk about a time you were required to meet a deadline and were not able to do so
  15. Describe a time you were hired to a position that you thought was going to be one thing but ended up being another and had to be flexible in this position
  16. Name a time you showed a high level of effort and commitment in the workplace.
  17. What was your greatest achievement at your job?
  18. Describe a day you feel you work the hardest
  19. Describe a day you showed up for work and things did not go as expected.
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Questions related to Customer

  1. What to do if a passenger appears intoxicated?
  2. How would I handle a passenger who had too much to drink?
  3. What to do if a child was asleep on the floor while the fasten seat belt sign is on?
  4. How would you handle a passenger in a situation where the food item they wanted was not available?
  5. How would you handle a child running down the isle?
  6. A time you went above and beyond for a customer?
  7. How would you deal with a difficult customer… and how did you handle it, what was the outcome?
  8. You are walking to the front of the plane and hear two passengers arguing. What do you do?
  9. You are in the back of the plane, you need to go to the front in order to get inventory, you overhear two passengers arguing and but if you stop to take care of the situation the service in the back of the place could be delayed. What would you do?
  10. During your pre-flight service check, you notice that items are missing from the inventory. If you do not acquire the items, there will not be enough inventory to serve everyone on the flight. If you request additional items, the flight will most likely be delayed. What would you do?
  11. You’re about to start your service and you’re working in the aft galley, but in order to start your service, you need to pick up an item from the fwd galley. As you’re walking toward the front galley you noticed two passengers arguing, one is complaining about not being able to stretch his legs because the other one has his seat back lowered. What would you do, first talk to the passengers or get the item to start the service?
  12. Name a time when you delivered great customer service?
  13. You’re on your way to replenish supplies from the front of the aircraft and you notice 2 passengers in a disagreement about the reclining seat hurt the other passenger if you don’t get the items needed for inventory this could delay the flight, what do you do?
  14. Tell us about a time where you didn’t satisfy a customer’s needs? What was the situation? What did you learn?
  15. Imagine you are an FA and you are given a set of tasks to complete. How do you prioritize what you complete and get done first? How do you go about this?
  16. Name a time when you had to deal with a difficult coworker.
  17. How would you solve a customer service issue?

Questions related to Co-Worker

  1. A time when a co-worker was being unfair or dishonest?
  2. What do you do when a co-worker works at a slow pace?
  3. How did you handle working with a co-worker you knew did not like you, how did you handle it?
  4. Describe a conflict that you had with a manager, how did you handle it? How was it resolved?
  5. If a co-worker was removing things from the aircraft would you confront them or tell management?
  6. You see a coworker taking items from the plane inventory. You are the only one who sees them doing this. What do you do in this situation?
  7. What would you do if you watch another flight attendant steal drinks from the airplane?
    You witness you a fellow flight attendant taking from the beverage cart and about to disembark the aircraft, what do you do?
  8. While cleaning the aircraft after your flight, you witness an FA taking items from the beverage cart and placing them into their pockets. No one else saw, but you are certain they are stealing. They are gathering their personal items to leave the plane. What would you do?
  9. Describe a time when a coworker broke company rules and how did you handle the situation?
  10. What does customer service mean to you?
  11. How would you handle a situation in which a coworker handled the same situation very differently than you do?
  12. If you were a flight attendant in training and a coworker told you to do something a different way than you were taught, what would you do? What if this person were a senior flight attendant?
  13. Tell us about a time when you worked on a team with someone who did not do his or her share of the work. What was the situation? What actions did you take and what were the results?
  14. You hear two co-workers gossiping about another co-worker on the plane. You are pretty sure passengers can hear what they are saying. What do you do?
  15. Describe a situation when you demonstrated initiative and took action without waiting for direction.
  16. If your manager/supervisor gave you harsh criticism and you did not agree with it. How did you handle it, and what did you change about the issue?
  17. Describe a time when you were given constructive criticism, how did you handle it?
  18. Name a time when you were giving an impossible task knowing it could not be done in the amount of time given. How did you handle the situation and was that task completed in that amount of time?
  19. What would you do if you and a coworker did not agree on doing something the same way?
  20. Did you ever show initiative without being told by a manager?
  21. Tell us about a time when you witnessed a coworker or colleague breaking the rules or acting in a dishonest or unprofessional matter…

The complete Delta Airlines flight attendant interview questions are in your hand now. You can be a Delta flight attendant if you do well in the interview. Go through these questions and crack the interview.

Apply for Delta Airlines Flight Attendant Position now.

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