Delta Airlines Flight Attendant – Jobs, Interview, Salary and Training

Delta Airlines Flight Attendant is one of the dream jobs among the job seekers nowadays.

Delta Airlines commonly referred as Delta, is one of the major airlines in the United States. You can feel good Work/Life Balance and benefits by working for Delta Airlines. Even Job satisfaction, job security, and their working culture are also awesome.


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Delta Airlines at a Glance

Just have a quick glance about the delta airlines. This will be useful for your interview. The hiring company always eager to know that how much knowledge you have about their airlines.

Founded: May 30, 1924

Headquarters: Atlanta, Georgia

Company Slogan: Keep Climbing

CEO: Ed Bastian

Chairman: Richard Anderson

President: Glen Hauenstein

Employees: 80,000+

Total Destinations: 334

How to Become a Flight Attendant at Delta Airlines

Job Title: American Airlines Flight Attendant.

1. Delta Airlines Flight Attendant – Interview Process

The Delta flight attendant interview is a 3 step process. An online test followed by phone interview and then face to face interview along with documents verification.

  1. Go through the qualification and requirements of Delta Airlines.
  2. Apply via online by submitting your resume (No application fees. It’s FREE).
  3. Two online Assessment Tests* (Initial Level of Screening)
  4. You will get a mail about video Interview. They will give you some days to submit your video.
  5. After passing phone screening move on to Face to Face Interview.
  6. Finally Drug test, background check, etc.
  7. If you cleared all those checks, you are at Delta!

Note: Sometimes online assessment will be skipped. It depends on the situation and number of applicants.

Just go through this link to apply for Delta Flight Attendant job easily.

Just go through this link to know about the Delta Flight Attendant Interview Questions.

2. Job Qualifications  

Here are the complete job qualifications and eligibility criteria for delta flight attendant job.


Becoming a flight attendant at Delta airlines is possible only if you meet the below eligibility criteria.

  • Age should be at least 21 years old.
  • Must have a high school diploma, GED or equivalent.
  • Must be authorized to work in the US.
  • Must read, write, speak, and understand English.
  • Must have valid passport or equivalent travel documents.
  • If you are a US passport holder, then must have a minimum of 32 months validity remaining at the time of application.


  • Must pass a pre-employment drug screening test and alcohol testing.
  • Must be willing to fulfill pre-employment checks mandated by TSA and Department of Transportation.
  • Must pass a background check such as fingerprint-based criminal history records check.
  • Must complete and pass an expected 7- 8 week paid Flight Attendant training at the Atlanta training facility.

3. Basic Requirements

You must know the basic requirements for the delta flight attendant job before the hiring process. So that you can approach the flight attendant interview confidently.

  • Must adhere to Delta Uniform and appearance standards.
  • Must be willing to work in for extended periods of time.
  • Must be willing to work in situations with difficult or impolite customers.
  • Eager to guide and lead others during stress situations, medical emergencies, aircraft evacuations, etc.
  • Must handle a stressful environment.
  • Have to serve alcoholic beverages, meals (Veg or non-veg), snacks, and peanuts to customers.
  • Must possess basic computer proficiency accomplish work activities.
  • Must accept an assignment to any Flight Attendant base.
  • Must relocate to your assigned base location after successful completion of the training.
  • Must be willing to work flexible work hours such as evenings, nights, holidays, weekends, and extended hours.
  • Must be willing to travel anywhere as part of the job.
  • Must be ready to fly both Domestic and International air routes.

4. Physical requirements

As like basic requirements, physical requirements are also a must know criteria. If you are able to do these physical work, then you are completely fit for this delta flight attendant job.

  • Must be able to sit in an assigned jump seat with seatbelt and shoulder harness fastened.
  • Must be able to open emergency exits, open/close aircraft doors weighing (60 pounds).
  • Must push and pull heavy beverage/food carts requiring (32lbs).
  • Must reach as high 67″ from the floor.
  • Must be able to reach into overhead bins and retrieve or store items.
  • Ready to stand for long periods of time.
  • Have to do some physical movements including stretching, bending, and reaching to complete work activities.

5. Must relocate to anyone of the below US base locations

Once selected, you must be ready to relocate to one of the below base locations. The Delta will provide you training at the base station for some weeks to make you a successful delta flight attendant.

  • Amsterdam
  • Atlanta
  • Boston
  • Cincinnati
  • Detroit
  • Los Angeles
  • Minneapolis
  • New York

6. Salary

Delta provides a highly payable salary in the industry. The salary may vary with the hours of work and the experience.

Monthly Training Pay: $1,822.17

Job Pay: $28.80 per hour

7. Employee Benefits at Delta:

Working as Delta Airlines Flight Attendant is one of the good experiences with lot of employee benefits.

  • Free travel at Delta operated Flights.
  • Free/Discounted travel with family
  • Life insurance coverage of $50,000
  • Various health coverage including Dental and Vision.
  • Employee assistance program
  • 401(k) plan
  • Profit Sharing
  • Paid vacation
  • Matching gifts to education programs, up to $2,000 per year
  • Discounts on a variety of products and services

8. Job Requirements After Successful Training at Delta

Delta expects their flight attendants should be the best in the industry. So it expects the below job requirements while you are working as a delta flight attendant.

  • You must provide a high-class customer service.
  • Make customers feel comfortable and safe.
  • Have to do the required work in an aircraft environment, at an altitude of 8,000 feet.
  • Occasionally, coordinate and manage crew activities.
  • Work both independently and as part of a team to complete work tasks.
  • Guide the passengers during emergency situations.
  • Maintain professional appearance and Delta uniform guidelines.
  • Provide emergency medical support such as first aid, CPR to help individuals in distress.
  • Provide assistance such as lifting and stowing luggage into overhead bins when needed.
  • Prepare and serve snacks, meals and alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to the customers.
  • Process payments for the purchased items such as beverages, snacks, etc.
    Be punctual at work.
  • Effectively communicate with customers both verbally and non-verbally.
  • Basic computer proficiency to complete work tasks.
  • Adapt to changing work conditions such as air routes, base locations, etc.

9. How to Apply for Delta Airlines Flight Attendant Jobs?

  • You have to upload your Resume at delta portal (Maximum size: 5 MB)
  • You can also copy and paste your resume in a text form.

Just go through this link to apply for Delta Flight Attendant job easily.

You can also apply by the Delta Airlines career page

Just go through this link to know about the Delta Flight Attendant Interview Questions.

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  • I am interested in applying and interviewing at Delta for flight attendant job. I flew for Delta for 3.5 years based in Orlando, NY, ATL. I turned in my resignation due to having a one yr. old,going thru a divorce, living in Charleston,SC and being based in NY. Two weeks later 9/11 happened and I would have been right there. I feel strongly that things happen in our lives for a reason. I loved my job and would be interested in interviewing and going thru training again, it’s been 16 years. I am remarried, my oldest will be starting college in a year. I have a 13yr son and 10yr. daughter, my husband is a huge help. So, I’m ready to do something for me again.

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