Becoming A Flight Attendant

becoming a flight attendant
Becoming a flight attendant?

I have 16 and want a job to travel the world and asked me what I do to be hostess air i read about it as I speak at least two different languages ​​and have to go to collage to be going to collage in the community to become a flight attendant?

You must be at least 18 years and possess a high school diploma. A college degree and experience of dealing with the public is a great advantage. Once they are hired to receive training and certification.

The Economics of being a Flight Attendant

Flight Attendent Training

flight attendent training
Less solo flight on Jet Blue?

Well I have 15 I am technically an adult in accordance with JetBlue, the airport is where I go hard and is a lot of things you have to go get the luggage, ride the bus, then go on this train at the old airport and ect. I have no idea how to end my party in the baggage claim "I can ask a flight attendant to help me? I do not want to take the passengers on my flight because I really feel stalkerish and scary.

I am a flight attendant, and I doubt the council officer can help, because chances are or will remain in the plan for the next flight. However, it can be that in mind. There will be signs of their baggage, and if it is a large airport, there will be signs of email when you get there to tell her baggage carousel. Also Meeting will be an employee of the aircraft. Another thing you can do. If you're still interested, you can call JetBlue and make arrangements for you to meet go to the door. Call ahead, but have to go to the airport at least an hour before going to trial in the office to show that there is an identity, and they say they are there to help. Jet Blue will give a pass to go through security at the door. In this way are not /. have a great flight. If you have more questions after arrival at the airport and I will try to help more.

Flight Attendant Training

Essential Tips for Flight Attendants

If you plan to become a flight attendant, there are a lot of things to consider. Hopefully this article will enlighten you a bit and help you be prepared for your first day.

Get comfortable shoes. You are going to be on your feet all day so you want to get a pair of shoes that aren’t going to kill your feet. Make sure that they are in line with the dress code of your company. You may be provided with a pair of shoes for your uniform. I suggest getting some really nice, supportive inserts to help make those shoes a little more comfortable. I suggest keeping a pair of super comfy shoes in your locker. When you are no longer in the public eye you can put these on and let your feet stop screaming.

Take some flights and watch other attendants. This could get costly pretty fast, but observing what is expected of the flight attendants and how they react in different situations is key.

Learn as much as you can about planes. You could take up RC planes flying or go to an airfield and take small flights. If you are nervous about flying the more you understand about the plane the more comfortable you are going to be. You don’t need to be certified as a pilot but understanding how they work and how they are flown can help when dealing with nervous passengers with lots of questions. The radio controlled planes aren’t going to help much but taking flights in small planes will make you appreciate how truly stable big planes are. These are not fragile RC planes. These are very well designed, precision machines and you should be a pillar of confidence to help the customers relax.

Travel light. You don’t want to take too much with you on any given flight. This isn’t a vacation and you never want to be burdened by your toiletries. It’s best to stay under 50 dollars total so that if you lose anything it’s easily replaced. On that note, leave valuables at home. It’s nice to have your great-grandmother’s pendant with you but if you drop it at a friend’s house you can go get it easily. If it’s at a hotel in Morocco you don’t have much of a chance of getting it back.

Tips for Traveling Flight Attendants

Whenever you travel as a flight attendant, ensure that you bring a small size container of Oust or related merchandise inside your purse. The person who sat inside the seat from the plane, bus, or train before you may not have had time to shower prior to sitting down for the long flight. Steer clear of paying your trip smelling the prior passenger’s physique smell by spraying your seats with Oust. This should be taught as part of all flight attendant training programs nationwide.

Program forward to your holiday by making use of to get a credit score card that has loyalty factors, making sure to always pay off the card in complete. This technique may help you bring in a cost-free flight or possibly a totally free resort place to utilize on your vacation. Soon after you have earned your reward, conserve up for your following journey.

If traveling by air, it’s critical to always be thinking ahead, as all good flight attendant training will teach you. A lot of airports are located in main cities, and reaching them, specially for the duration of rush hour, can be hard and time intensive. Pack your suitcase the night just before. Make each of the preparations you may need properly before your flight. Nothing at all is even worse than missing your flight.

Worldwide journeys might be very enjoyable. Within the plane flight to your spot, provide alongside a phrase guide and try out to find out several phrases inside the language with the culture in which you will be investing time. You don’t must be fluent while in the language and many lieu will be delighted that you simply tried to understand a little bit of their language. Do not be shy about problems. Most people will recognize you tried to learn a little bit about their tradition.

Search for “nonstop” instead of simply “direct” flights. Nonstop flights, as their identify implies, make no stops before arriving at the destination, while direct flights may quit at other airports around the way to the ultimate vacation spot. Despite the fact that you aren’t shifting planes, the stops you make on the direct flight can cause numerous sudden delays.

Have you ever ever considered traveling overseas as a flight attendant? You might like to maintain on for your touring ideas for awhile and visit farther and distant lands. As a substitute of getting two journeys a calendar year it is possible to control go on 1 trip for a 12 months. Just be sure you maintain an eye out for deals because you may get a truly great deal on resort and flight tickets.

If you are traveling by airplane, be sure to provide together your personal headphones. Most in-flight amusement techniques today need that you simply use headphones. You could possibly have the opportunity to order them in-flight, nonetheless it will probably be at a tremendously inflated cost. Headphones are also a fantastic method to create background noise to reduce the sound of neighboring passengers and/or the airplane noise.

To avoid wasting funds when booking airline flights, check the round-trip costs - even when you only wish to fly 1 method to a vacation spot. Because of quirky airline insurance policies, sometimes it really is more affordable to get a round journey towards your desired lieu than to fly 1 way. If you’re not already flying for free as a flight attendant, it is sometimes possible to preserve cash by acquiring the round-trip tickets anyhow and just not take the return flight back.

Airline Breast Exam Angers Flight Attendants

Flight attendant hopefuls in South Korea are accusing Garuda Indonesia airline of inappropriately handling their breasts in medical examinations, Agence France Presse reports.

An unidentified woman reportedly told the news agency that several dozen applicants were required to strip to their underwear so the examiner employed by the airline could check for tattoos and breast implants.

One applicant told Korean newspaper The Hankyoreh that during her exam she “removed her brassiere while covered in a blanket, lay down, and had her chest palpated with a medical instrument by the male doctor.”

According to the paper, a Garuda spokesperson said that the procedure was explained to applicants beforehand.

“Had I known what kind of examination it would be, I would not have agreed to it,” the applicant told the paper. She added that she agreed to the check-up because she was told it was required and was not given any other details before hand.

“The hand examination on [the] breast was held since those with implants can have health issues when air pressure falls during flights,” said an airline official to Korean news agency Yonhap.

In one statement to AFP, a Garuda official said that applicants were not made to remove their bras and staff only “lightly tapped [the] upper side of their breasts.”

However, in another AFP report, Garuda representatives said: “It is not true that we have hired a … doctor to give breast examinations to check whether or not applicants have breast implants.”

Garuda officials promised to investigate further if it seemed necessary. They added that workers are banned from having tattoos and applicants from other countries would be subject to a similar screening process.

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WATCH: Pan Am Stewardesses Talk About Life In The Sky

With the series premiere of ABC’s “Pan Am” debuting on Sunday, here at HuffPost Travel we decided to sit down with six former flight attendants to get their take on the so-called friendly skies. After all, if you’re basing your knowledge of the golden age of travel on ABC’s new fall drama, Pan Am, you’d be pretty accurate.

While the show centers on the overdramatized hijinks, espionage and sexual escapades of Pan Am stewardesses, the real former iconic flight attendants can relate, and did indeed have their fair share of glamor.

These ladies of the sky were trained in every possible issue, from folding the cocktail napkins of the elite to delivering babies, and were rewarded for their resourcefulness and sense of adventure with haute cuisine courtesy of Maxim’s de Paris, custom fitted pencil skirt suits designed by Beverly Hills couturier Don Loper and weekends in Tehran, Bangkok and Paris.

For more behind-the-scenes look at flight attendants over the years, check out our slideshow of pictures of flying’s golden age here.

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PHOTOS: A Look Back At Alitalia’s Uniforms Over The Years

Flight attendants are all the rage this fall with the debut of ABC’s “Pan Am”. Former flight attendants have come out of the woodwork to both criticize and applaud the historically themed show, taking on everything from uniforms to their titles.

Alitalia has jumped on the retrospective bandwagon and has released their archive of vintage uniforms, designed over the years by the likes of Giorgio Armani and Alberto Fabiani.

An interest in flight attendant garb is nothing new, however. Earlier this year, Seattle’s Museum of Flight put together a retrospective of uniforms over the years, showcasing everything from Oleg Cassini-designed Airwest uniforms to Mario Zamparelli’s mark on Howard Hughes’ airline to Emilio Pucci for Qantas.

And who could forget Elle Macpherson strutting her stuff to show off Virgin Blue’s newest attire? In August, British Airways highlighted their uniforms throughout their storied history at London’s Vintage Festival.

All photos courtesy of Archivio Storico Alitalia.


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Flight Classes

flight classes
What is the difference between First Class and Business Class on flights?

There are soo many kinds, because the economy is in a class Y, etc. Where I can find the definitions and classifications of the classes?

business is like the average price range – the cheapest economy, followed by companies and then the first. where the seats are wider, more tilt (sometimes in bed) and I have to get a good meal too. class is not as good as the first, but better than cattle (economy!).

Phoenix Airport Fear of Flying Class

Flight Attendent Jobs

flight attendent jobs
It is a flight attendant a good job or hairdresser?

I'm thinking of being a hairdresser flight OT agent and does not know what to choose, or both things …… plz can u help?

Honestly now on the market to be a flight attendant is bad. You do not have much money, and really have much time to work your way to make money. Always start to fly to a nearby state (ie, if you live in the U.S.). Then you get the time to make longer flights can be Hawaii or something. It is not until you do international flights, as Engalnd Australia or something to make a decent living. But there is so much time to work your way up there. Also flights are very expensive because the price of gas these days, and will only get worse. So how does this affect you, because gas is so high, prices inputs are high, making ppl do not fly much, which means they are reducing flight attendants and not hire more because they must. I heard the news that flights will soon be for the rich, tickets are so expensive that only rich ppl can afford to fly. Therefore, wolnt be so many planes. So it is no flight attendant a very good job at all. Sounds like a cool job (I wanted to be one too), but actually not, flying hours in a flight plan with tons metals limits from people asking for pillows and blankets and food and break the rules. I felt so bad for the agent of a flight time last time I flew, he had to go down the hall asking all: "Do you want a snack, you want a snack, you want a snack" I felt so bad for her, it was so boring! I had to go on this side guys who was sleeping with his iPod and we were landing and could not have it, she took her face was almost screaming to stop when he pulled the ear headphones and scream. glamorus flight participants work. But anyway sorry for the long stories! hair dressing cool. hair salon my aunt, she makes her own time and days you work, you get to talk to ppl all day. Theres always be necessary for hairdressers. You can go to school for it and get a good job and the pay is incredible! My opinoon I would go to the hairdresser.

Flight Attendant Jobs Newsletter

Who Is Hiring Flight Attendants

who is hiring flight attendants
Flight attendant positions?

Who is hiring for flight attendant positions? What is the best way about going to apply for these positions? If a guy is a flight attendant is that a turn off? ;) I am just looking to get a job with an airline so that I can travel and get the benefits. If anybody has any help it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I did the same thing many years ago..I worked in the catering, cargo, reservations and in the ticket office..I had to change jobs many times as you can see and had to work in 2 different cities..But I am now on a lifetime pension with all the flight benefits..So take whatever position you can get with ANY airline and see the world..

AirTran Hiring Flight Attendants For Milwaukee Expansion