Flight Attendants – Interview Quiz 1 (Situation Based Question Answers)

After a lot of emails about providing quizzes, I like to come up with the set of the first Quiz “Situation-Based Question Answers”. Hope this will help you while attending interviews!

This exercise is designed for flight attendants and airplane cabin crew. It will help you develop stronger communication skills in English. A passenger wants some information from you. So, choose the best answer on this situation!
Flight Attendants - Interview Quiz 1

Welcome to your Quiz 1

1. Would it be possible to change/switch seats?
2. Why is the flight being delayed?
3. Am I going to miss my connecting flight?
4. My headphones are not working!
5. Can I use the lavatories in first-class?
6. How much do I owe you?
7. Can I get a Coke?
8. How long before we land?
9. I requested a vegetarian/kosher meal.
10. I have leg pain. I just want to stretch my legs.

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I am a Flight Attendant Hiring and Training Expert at the leading Airlines. I like to help new and struggling people to find the career path from where they are to where they want to be in work and life so that they become transformational flight attendants.
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