American Airlines Flight Attendant – Jobs, Interview, Salary and Training

American Airlines Flight Attendant is one of the dream jobs among youngsters nowadays .

American Airlines is one of the largest passenger carrying airlines in the World. It is commonly referred as AA and headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas. You can feel good Work/Life Balance and benefits by working in American Airlines. Even Job security and their working culture are awesome.

American airlines Flight attendant

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American Airlines at a Glance

Just look at the short glance about the American airlines. This will be useful for your interview. The hiring airlines always eager to know that how much knowledge you have about them.

Founded: April 15, 1926

Headquarters: Fort Worth, Texas

Company Slogan: The World’s Greatest Flyers Fly American

Initial Name: American Airways, Inc.

Parent: American Airlines Group

Employees: 113 k+

CEO and Chairman: Doug Parker

President: Robert Isom

How To Become a Flight Attendant at American Airlines

Job Title: American Airlines Flight Attendant

1. American Airlines Flight Attendant- Interview Process

  1. Have a look at the job requirements and Qualification.
  2. If you meet the requirements, apply via online by submitting your resume.
  3. Soon, they will call you for a video interview. They will give you 5 days to complete this video interview.
  4. Then group interview and face to face interview (one to one).
  5. If selected, background verification, paper verification, drug test, reach test, etc. are to be conducted.
  6. Finally, 6 1/2 weeks training Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas

Go through these 63 Interview Questions for American Airlines Flight Attendant Job to clear the interview easily.

Just go through this link to apply for American Flight Attendant job easily.

2. Job Description

  • You have to satisfy the travel needs of the passengers.
  • Make the passengers feel safe and comfortable.
  • Providing high-quality in-flight services such as,
    • Serving Meals/Beverages to the passengers.
    • Selling on-board Products.
  • Continuous customer contacts and handling various situations with them.
  • Should possess Leadership qualities to safeguard the passengers during an emergency and non-emergency situations.

3. Qualifications

Here are the complete job qualifications and eligibility criteria for American Airlines flight attendant job. Becoming a flight attendant at American airlines is possible only if you meet the below eligibility criteria.

  • Must be able to read, write and speak English fluently. Multilingual skill is added benefit.
  • Must possess excellent communication skills.
  • Must have good interpersonal skills.
  • May not have visible tattoos.
  • No facial piercing is allowed. Also, should not have upper ear piercing or multiple piercings on the ear.
  • Should not have any artificial hair coloring while you are wearing the uniform.
  • Have to work in different climates in the world and with variable work shifts.

4. Basic Requirements

You must know the basic requirements for the American Airlines flight attendant job before the hiring process. So that you can approach the flight attendant interview confidently.

  • Must have a High school diploma or General Educational Development (GED) equivalent.
  • Age should be at least 20 years.
  • You should have a Valid Passport with applicable VISAs.
  • You should have the right to work in the United States.
  • No need of any airline work experience required.
  • Ready to travel any places where American Airlines has its operation.
  • College Education or 2+ years of customer service experience or multilingual ability is added advantage.

Check the complete job requirements here!

5. Must be ready to move to any of the below AA base locations.

Once selected, you must be ready to relocate to one of the below base locations of American Airlines. They will provide you training at the base station for some weeks to make you a successful American airlines flight attendant.

  • Dallas-Fort Worth
  • Los Angeles
  • Boston
  • San Francisco
  • Louis
  • New York City
  • Washington D.C
  • Chicago
  • Miami
  • Raleigh-Durham

6. Physical Requirements

As like basic requirements, physical requirements are also a must know criteria. If you are able to do these physical work, then you are completely fit for this flight attendant job.

  • Flight attendant role requires some physical actions such as Walking, Bending, Reaching and light lifting.
  • Pushing and pulling carts weighing in excess of 250 pounds.
  • Ability to lift objects up to 35 pounds such as galley stowage bins and carry-on baggage
  • Speaking to passengers.
  • Standing for a longer time period.
  • Have to bear the noisy ramp operations at the airport.
  • Have to cope up with the continuous traveling schedules and climatic conditions.
  • Be prepared for alternative work schedules such as evenings and holidays.

7. American Airlines Flight Attendant – Training

American Airlines itself will provide you flight attendant training after you got selected. So there is no need to get any pre-training. You have to attend 6 1/2 weeks of unpaid training in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas. After that, you have to move immediately to the city to which you are assigned as a base.

8. American Airlines Flight Attendant – Salary

Salary of the American Airlines flight attendant is excellent. The salary may vary with the hours of work and the experience.

Annual Pay: $35,000 and $60,000 (Vary based on Experience)

9. American Airlines – Employee Benefits

Working as Delta Airlines Flight Attendant is one of the good experiences with lot of employee benefits

  • Free travel privileges for a family.
  • Discounted travel provisions on other airlines, hotels, car rentals, and cruise
  • Free foods during working hours.
  • Complimentary hotel Arrangements.
  • Discounted travel
  • Company stock options
  • Various health benefits for individual and family.
  • Outstanding Health Insurance.
  • 401(k) matching funds.
  • Various free online training.
  • Company Profit sharing and good incentives

Go through these 63 Interview Questions for American Airlines Flight Attendant Job to clear the interview easily.

How to Apply for American Airlines Flight Attendant Jobs?

  • You have to upload a Resume (Maximum size: 5 MB)
  • You can also copy and paste your resume in a text form. (Minimum characters: 100)

Just go through this link to apply for American Airlines Flight Attendant job easily.

You can also apply by the American Airlines career page

Go through these 63 Interview Questions for American Airlines Flight Attendant Job to clear the interview easily.

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