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Flight Attendant Schools

flight attendant schools
Will it be another season of school air hostess on the Travel Channel?

I do not know, but I'd like to see ..

Flight Attendant School 2

Flight Attendant Training School

flight attendant training school
What do you do at flight attendant training school?

I’m not sure how to start my career. How do i start? What do i do at flight attendant traing?

Don’t go to one, you’ll waste your time and money. The airlines are required to train you anyway, regardless of whether you go to one of these schools or not. And remember, the advertising these schools put out is intended to persuade, not inform, so don’t fall for the hype. Go here for more information about getting a cabin crew job:

DMC’s BS HRM 8+1 with Flight Attendant Training Program AVP (60s)

Flight Attendant Academy

flight attendant academy
Should I work as a flight attendant, while having a toddler and a husband?

2 years ago I went to school and received my Airline Specialist Degree from the International Air Academy, excited to become a flight attendant and travel the world, but I soon found out I was 5 weeks pregnant.
Now I my son is almost 2. My husband wants to go back to school and get his Nursing degree, but can do this anywhere. I want to use my degree and fly!
So heres the problem, I’ve applied all over to every airline I can think of. Several have already replied back and want to fly me in for a one on one interview!
But heres when everything gets serious! Should I?
I’m worried about my family! And my husband doesn’t want my son in daycare. I’ve been a SAHM for almost 2 years. I love it! But what am I doing? Am I being selfish!!! HELP!
Also for which ever airline I chose theres anything from 3 1/2 to 7 week training away from home.
My husband hates this idea!
Again help!

If you want to have a career you should. If you are happy, you are better for your family. Personally, it would be hard for me to leave a 2 yr old for long periods of time. And I don’t know much about the airline industry. But if you can be based somewhere, and host flights that bring you back home on a regular basis, why not. It would be a change for your husband and son, but it could be done.

Flight Attendant Academy Cape Town

Flight Attendant School

flight attendant school

Flight Attendant School – Decompression Chamber.wmv

Flight Attendant Training Schools

flight attendant training schools

I graduate from high school in may. And Im looking at weather I should go to some kind of flight attendant training before I apply for any positions. Now i realize airlines have there own training. But its a matter of getting hired first. and then theres the whole thing of waiting 6 monthes to be able to reaply. so there are these 2 schools one in florida and one in minnisota, they say I can take a flight attendant course for 15 weeks then they set up interviews and I can get recruited by that airline within a couple of months. What im afraid of is waisting all that money to be right back in the same place. but from what i hear most likely i wont get hired without a little extra. So basically my question is should I trust the promises of flight attendant school and pay 3000-6000 dollars?

As a seasoned pilot with almost 24 years of flight experience I suggest you worry about the little things (like spelling and punctuation) first. Attention to detail matters in every profession, and being a flight attendant is no exception.

After all, if you can’t be trusted to use the Spell Check function here in Yahoo Answers, can I trust you pour me a warm can of Diet Coke without spilling it on my $300 tie? Can I trust you to lead passengers out of a blazing heap of twisted and wrecked metal if we have an engine failure?

Think about it.

GOD bless you-

Captain Art Griego

What I Learned At Flight Attendant School

Flight Attendant Colleges

flight attendant colleges
Does being a cabin crew or flight attendant require a college degree?

Or do you only have to pass the training? I’m a college dropout, spent 4 years in university.

No – most airline require basic senior school qualifications, but no further education is required.

Flight Attendant Program – PERA College

Stewardess School

stewardess school
Dubaï hôtesse de l'air?

Je suis très curieux sur le métier d'hôtesse de l'air pour la compagnie aérienne de Dubaï Emirates. Je me demande, c'est leur quelqu'un qui a travaillé comme une hôtesse de l'air avec Emirates? ou de travail? qui peut me donner quelques informations et d'expériences? y at-il l'école hôtesse de l'air que vous avez à faire avant de pouvoir vous engager à travailler avec la compagnie aérienne? Quelle est la durée de l'éducation? combien ça coûte? Avez-vous un appartement lorsque vous démarrez workin tous les sites Web? s'il vous plaît je vous remercie de votre expériences et vos connaissances sur le travail à Dubaï comme une hôtesse de l'air ou hôtesse de l'air ou comment ils l'appellent. ont une belle journée et merci pour votre réponse! ANNA

i ne connais pas beaucoup dis buter mais après avoir lu la question i Ur était impuissant n voulu y répondre …… voir travailler dans les compagnies aériennes Emirates, c'est comme un rêve devenu réalité ils offrent vraiment gud salaire + hébergement …… plus beaucoup plus de services (note pls je ne connais pas beaucoup mais c'est tout ce que j'ai entendu hv) il ya une administration où les gens vont pour n la formation de tous ….. Je pense que u shud remplir le formulaire donné sur leur site pour en savoir plus ….. hv J'espère ya contribué

Rob Paulsen in “Stewardess School”

Air Traffic Controller School

air traffic controller school
What would be my best route to be an Air traffic Controller If I join the National Guard?

I am thinking of joining the National guard as an air traffic controller. After basic trainning and AIT school, What can I do from there? Am I accepted by the FAA after AIT?

That is pretty tricky to answer. Regardless of the method of getting hired you still have to apply and get selected to be hired. Getting through AIT doesn’t place you on some to be hired list with the FAA as AIT only applies to the military. As I understand military controllers (called VRAs for Veteran’s Readjustment Act)) who get hired by the FAA have to provide their DD-214 (discharge) papers. Since your National Guard enlistment I suppose would be 4 years, you’d have to wait 4 years (or until discharged) before applying as a veteran.

If you obtained a CTO through your service (control tower operator’s certificate) you could apply for a job with the FAA as they have listings exclusively for those with CTOs. This would still take some time however as the process to fully certify in a tower can at times be a lengthy process. Also, if assigned to a radar facility such as a RAPCON or CENRAP you earn an FPL (full performance level) which is not a CTO and isn’t eligable for the CTO listings.

The other option is to apply to a public announcement on which is a hiring option open to everybody. Bear in mind though that even after AIT and even if you have a CTO or earn FPL status at a military facility (or even contract tower for that matter) the FAA will still send you to be retrained.

Air Traffic Control School